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Getting up to 'antics' #30DaysWild, day 23

On Wednesday, when it alternated between furnace hot then heavy thunderstorms, 
I managed to get a few hours up at the walled garden 
where I have the happy pleasure of volunteering at.

I was weeding, where the weeds were rather enthusiastically 
managed to organise a 'flash-mob' swamping the juvenile vegetables. 
I was busily hoe-ing as I created a mini dust storm at my feet 
when suddenly I exposed these little busy fellows.....
I felt bad that I'd disturbed them and then when I noticed this activity going on....
Which, lets be honest, made me feel even more of a monster!

The worker ants quickly bundled up the cocoons and larvae and 
marched away with their precious juveniles.

So, as a way of an apology, 
I sprinkled some of my bread crumbs
and carefully watered near by so the ants could have a lunch break during maneuvers,
which they did!

By the time I'd finished working,
the ants and their precious cargo had all disappeared.

#30DaysWild - have you got up to any 'antics' recently?


  1. Ants are amazing. I've some in my garden and only found them when I sat down for a brew and felt my hand being molested. I no longer sit there!

  2. Amazing little things...have you ever wondered what would happen to an ant who refused to work and help its community even though it was young and able enough...would the other ants worry about its ant rights and feed and house the ant even allowing it to produce lots of baby ants that also needed housing and feeding...and in turn those baby ants would feel they had a right to be fed and housed without working as part of their community too...er um...which species is the most intelligent??? x

  3. Your brave little workers probably had a lovely feast on your breadcrumbs, then put all the disturbance behind them. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  4. It's fascinating watching ants work. They all work together doing their allotted jobs. I'm with Winter's End Rambler there....none are striking or demanding their rights, they just get one with it. Lovely pictures as usual, glad they enjoyed their refreshments during their lunch break!! xx


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