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Wild corners #30DaysWild day 5

I am a bit of a lazy gardener - no pristine lawns for me or weed free flower beds. 

That's how I roll 
(I could say it was coz I preferred the relaxed look of a wild garden  
- which is true, 
I could also say I like the idea of my garden being a haven for insects and birds 
- which is definitely true). 
But the absolute truth is - I am a lazy gardener, 
I would rather lie on the lawn with the daisies and watch the bumble bees weigh down the flowers. 
I would rather sit on the garage roof and watch the bats in the evenings, 
the swallows in summer, the stars at night, 
the birds during the day.
I would rather clutch a mug of tea than a trowel 
when I wander down the path and admire my fine crop of weeds than dig them up. 
Equally I leave logs and bark in piles, tucked at the back of the flower beds, 
for small visitors to use. 
And they do! 
We have bird boxes (that bees have taken over) 
and bug hotels (that spiders adore and defend with a ferocity beyond their weeny stature). 
Over the years the boys have made insect homes and bird boxes 
which have gently decayed into insect havens.
Our garden quietly, naturally, gently grows,
with only the most light interference from us.
So, yes,
I am a truly lazy gardener
and I think it is not only me that benefits from that ;)


  1. The way you have displayed that skull is amazing. Nature's not tidy either! Much better to be that way for the wildlife.

  2. Even though we've been doing a lot to the garden recently I am a lazy gardener too and I want to the garden to be at least as useful for the wildlife as it is for us.

    On the shady side I've left a lot of ivy as the birds love it, on the sunny side I've left a patch of the brambles that used to reign over the whole garden. Towards the back in a very hidden corner I have lots of logs, pieces of wood and a couple of bug hotels, we can't see that area at all so everyone can just go about their business. Even under the pebbles use to replace the lawn there are lots of spiders and other wee beasts, so I'm very happy with all that.

  3. I once made a bee/insect hotel from hollow plant stems; the sparrows pulled them all out and ate the inhabitants! You are not so much a lazy gardener as an indulgent one (ie for the wildlife, not matter what size or number of legs!).

  4. Mother nature is so amazing. I'm a lazy gardener, I can easily sit and knit, sew or read in the deckchair and watch DH do the work!

  5. I'm lazy too, or very sporadic at times, especially in either extreme hot or cold. I also love the wildlife & seeing & insects going about their business is fascinating. I very rarely capture them on camera as I'm too slow getting it. Should keep it handy when I'm in the garden. Thanks & take care.

  6. Not lazy - holistic. Your garden is a space for all, not a manicured place suitable only for people.


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