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Watching the sky turn dark #30daywild day 21

We sat, quietly, listening to the last of the bird evensong.

Watched as the last birds flew home,
listened to them settling down to roost.

There is a certain special moment,
between day and night.

When the earth holds her breath,
then quietly, 
releases it.

You have to be silent,
 be still,
be patient
and when, and only then,
you have mastered 
listening to that moment...

You hear that breath.

#30dayswild - what makes your heart soar? 


  1. It's supposedly one of the most magical times of day. Have just caught up on your wildlife posts....beautiful images.

  2. On catchup again, but then internet connection can be so fickle whilst caravaning. Loved all the posts, though I'm with you on the cold water bit. Brrr! Loved how you rejigged that top photo. Need your expertise on how to play with those type of things. Take care.

  3. Like Susan I love the effects on that top picture. Lovely words too describing that magical time.! xx

  4. It doesnt get dark up here in the NE of Scotland. Now after the Summer Solstice we will slowly have shorter days and it will get dark.

  5. It is me that is out of step? Should today's number not be 21??? Anyway, love the sky photo 'chopped up'. As you can see I am doing catch-up!

    1. Oops - yes, you are correct - date now sorted thank you x

  6. Oh lovely photos and poignant too...it being Summer Solstice. x


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