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Scavenger Hunt JUNE#30DaysWild final day, ‪#‎staywild‬

So ends June's #30DaysWild,
it has been wonderful following other folk's entries on the facebook page and on twitter,
it has been good to share stories and questions
and I have really enjoyed it, however,
it has been a bit of a blogging marathon, so if you'll excuse me, 
I may just go and lie down in a dark corner for a day or two!
But before I do that, here are my photos and wafflings for June's Scavenger Photo Hunt :) 
Some have links to posts already written in June.

A wonderful walk up to the playing fields was rewarded by this sunset.

Our local nature reserve is the perfect little place to escape, play and walk.
And should you need a cup of hot chocolate? You can get it there too :)

Mug of Tea in the Garden
My plans to set up an afternoon tea in our garden
sort of didn't happen.
Firstly the Scavenger Hunt deadline seemed aaaages off,
then I was busy,
then I forgot,
then the camera battery was dead,
then it rained,
and rained...
So, suddenly it is the evening before the deadline,
still no photo.
I have dredged this one from July 2012.....

My Kind of Beautiful #30daysWild day 12
Watching the bright heat of the day slip into a softer more gentle evening - Glasson docks.

Huge volatile clouds, 
soft wispy strips,
speckled mackerel skies 
or hazy dreamy drifts - clouds are amazing creatures!  

The garden is an amazing source of insect life.
It always seems to rattle with 'busy-ness'.

Rain - Petrichor 
After a particularly steamy hot day up at the walled garden, the clouds were innocuously  forming a huge black and menacing wall.
I decided that discretion was the better part of valour
especially as I could see lightening,
so I packed up and jumped in the car to head home.
The rain came and as soon as it hit the road,
it almost steamed right back up again!
The scent of rain filled the air.
A favourite smell of mine - petrichor.
That delicious earthy tang of rain. 

Something Summery
There is something so delicious, so reminiscent of holidays,
the scent of summer.
Coconut scented summery memories,
Gorse blossom on a hot summer's day = bliss.

I love the sweet sweet scent of Valerian,
and on a hot day their fragrance is quite heady.

My own Choice
Moss.... sporting a 'wig' giving her a flowing coiffured look.
She dreamed of being able to shake her luscious locks.
So, Youngest helped her with that dream.
By finding a wonderfully large piece of sheep's fleece
in the perfect shade white,
and draping it over her ears.
Marilyn Monroe eat your heart out!
And Moss?
She battered her eyelids,
lifted her face,
felt the breeze waft her 'hairdo'
She for a brief moment knew what it was like to have a 
bobby dazzler of a barnet fair! 
in case you need further proof of Moss' tresses...


Thank you EVERYONE who took the time to read and comment on my posts,
I really appreciate your involvement - you made my marathon possible! 
thank you :)

I shall ‪#‎staywild‬


  1. Wonderful! I too found the mug of tea in the garden hard, again the rain not helping! My favourite is the sunset. I will post my photos once I can find your link up tool......

    Well done on doing the 30 days wild. Go and have a lie down as you deserve it. Thanks for your blog.

    1. Yes sorry about that - link up tool gremlins got into the works, still having a problem but hopefully worked around it - lovely photos again missus!

  2. Stunning photos. I love your cloud descriptions, especially hazy dreamy drifts. :) I am sort of in love with valerian. I want some for my back yard. Moss looks delightful, with or without her wooly wig. :)

    1. Thank you Sharon, glad you joined in and I love Valerian too, have tried to grow it but rather unsuccessfully.

  3. I enjoyed reading your 30 days of Wild

    Julie xxx

    1. Thank you Julie x ps still speedweve-less :( but working on it :)

  4. So many amazing photos - I've really enjoyed them. Love the clouds, the skies, but my favourite is the mug of tea. Apart from Moss of course :)


    1. Thank you :) Moss did rather suit her wig :)

  5. I am sure everyone ended your post with a smile of their face though no smile could be a large as on Moss' happy face! Long hair suits her!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Wonderful photos. I love to see flowers, gorse, valerian, astrantia and daisy, you've quite a collection in this post. Moss looks like Donald Trump! Thanks so much for hosting this challenge.

  7. As I saw the top of the picture of Moss I was expecting a white pony....what I was not expecting was a dog in a wig. That did make me titter!

    1. Titter ye not! (Did us too - more of a snortle than a titter!)

  8. Thanks again Kate, as I find this hunt keeps me interested in so many things & also in touch with some wonderful people I've met. My faves in yours have to be the stunning golden broom & the valerian growing in the drystone wall. Must admit though, Moss makes me smile the most. Have a good weekend, take care & sorry I was a bit late with mine.

  9. Great photos Kate:) - Moss has definitely won the award I think for laugh of the evening - great .. but I loved your clouds and the mini beasts. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one having problems with the cuppa in the garden - in the end I just left it out ... oops.

  10. Kate your photos are amazing ,the eye of an artist . OH Moss if he was golden he would look like a lion,could be albino lion. Look forward to see what you have in store for us this month, sorry only did mine this morning.


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