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Urban wild #30DaysWild day 4

Nature is amazing.
Plants grow, 
and flourish even in the most unexpected of places.
No conditions too unwelcoming,
or urban.
They have a steely yet cheerful determination 
and appear in cracks in the pavements...
... bits of waste ground...
...  you can find little bits of wild 
and surviving.
Plants are - if nothing else - optimistic.

#30DaysWild - you can do it too


  1. That is so true! They certainly are optimistic!!x

  2. Great collection of pics.... weeds grow even faster than plants lol.

  3. Pity when I plant something in a slightly hostile place it gives up!!!! But nature is amazing.

  4. Oh, lovely pics & I do love the way things pop up in unusual spots. I've even seen them growing in the crevices in lock gates on the L & L canal. Fascinating. Take care.

  5. Love the valerian on the wall :)


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