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It's a bug life! #30DaysWild day 27

 On our walk through the Bell Sykes Coronation Meadows I was delighted by the amount of insects buzzing around happily.  So many that the flowers rattled and shook with all the activity.

I did not take nearly enough photos this time - too engrossed in enjoying the meadows as a visual feast, the ones I did manage to 'capture' are here - enjoy!


'30DaysWild - it's bug life!


  1. I'm loving checking out your pics, they are great.

  2. Great to see the flowers have insect visitors. Great photos as usual.

  3. The flowers of course, are beautiful, but as you know me, I'm loving the buggy bits. The centipede is so shiny & such pretty butterflies. I'll be disappointed when these come to an end. Take care. BTW, we are home again.

  4. I am increasingly becoming more and more of a bug fan. Always lovely to see more!

  5. Great pics yet again lookforward to tomorrow.

  6. Love the bugs and bee pictures, really summery, just wish the weather was too. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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