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Walking on the wild side - # 30DaysWild day 2

We have a secret meadow 
where grasses and wild flowers freely grow.
 A small meadow,
where birds and insects occasionally
allow us to share their space.
It is a lovely place 
where we can watch the sun go down,
the stars twinkle,
the bats flitting
and at this time of year - swifts.
Sitting, surrounded by the grasses,
the evening light shining through the allium heads,
 shining through the dog's ear.
Makes me smile.
No one visits our mini meadow,
only us,
the birds
and for the first time - Moss.
We sat, dog, son and me
amid the yarrow, honeysuckle, grasses,
surrounded by trees and birds,
listening to folk walking by -
who did not know we were there.
So,where is our perfect little hideaway?
Our little piece of wild?

Right next to the house.
Right above our garden....
it is our roof garden above the garage.

Our little piece of wild,
shared for this time only - with you xx

how did we get to our meadow?
Which path did we follow?

The ladder route - which Moss desperately wanted to try.
So Himself carried her up - fireman style.
Happy dog.


  1. Oh wow! I am so envious......... A place to sit and comtemplate

    Juie xxxxxxx

  2. Great stuff! One should always have a secret place!

  3. Amazing secret space, but the getting down again would worry me!

  4. Beautiful - the wild grasses are lovely right now - looks like a perfect escape place that you have :)

  5. Envious!!! That's absolutely brilliant & you didn't tell me about that when you showed us around the garden. I don't how Himself managed to get Moss up & down that ladder, but he's genius. Have a lovely weekend & take care.

  6. Love your wild place...up high and away from everyone. I wonder what Moss was thinking.. ...my mad humans maybe? xx

  7. A secret space .... how lovely.

  8. What a fabulous Secret Garden. Now see what you mean about being shaded out by trees ... Well done for getting Moss up to join you, hope getting down wasn't too traumatic.


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