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At the end of the day #30DaysWild day 22

Before I wax lyrically on celebrating dusk
I want to thank everyone who has taken the time read,
to comment and to join in with my marathon random acts of wildness.
Thank you :)

The evening light was amazing, after the heat of the day,
as the sun went down,
the air temperature was cooler.
Not a lot,
but cooler.
The earlier heat had been filled with vibrant excitable buzzing from insects
but now the buzz was more subtle,
more restrained.
The light gently oozed through the petals,
illuminating them like stained glass.
In this gentle light, 
cobwebs glowed almost like dusty fairy lights.
Actually, I wonder if that is what they really are....
Silhouettes of leaves, 
petal shadows,
delicate hairs glistening

Not a breath of air,
almost muggy
Birds sang songs like molten liquid
Flies languidly caught the last of the rays

 We were out for a long time,
listening to the village quietening down,
listening to the garden relaxing 
after the day's heat.

There is so much to gain 
from a small oasis
of your own
where you can breathe the air
feel the grass beneath your feet
and smell the scent of your garden.

I am so lucky.

#30DaysWild - have you listened to your garden today/


  1. Beautiful, I am enjoying these posts.

  2. Once again I'm in agreement with you, the ownership of your own oasis, no matter what the size, is so rewarding. Can't believe how many photos you presented us with in this post. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful photographs, I can almost feel the heat coming off them! Loving your posts this month.

  4. Yes beautiful...and why I haven't even watched Sunday's episode of Poldark yet! How dare they screen it in Summer!! x

  5. Lovely Kate & I sometimes think fairies might live at the bottom of our gardens (only the favourite ones we've had) & I love listening to bird song, both early morning & dusk. When in Eden a few days ago, the bellbirds, rosellas & kookaburras were all very vocal. It was great. Take care.

  6. I love the light shining through the leaves and flowers. Beautiful. XX


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