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Turtle-y Wild #30DaysWild Day 10

Not all our local wild life is native. 
Just up the road, two residents, 
presumed abandoned once fallen out of favour or grown too large for their tanks, 
lively happily in the local nature reserve pond 
blissfully unaware of the ecological havoc they are part of. 

 Two slider turtles, originally American imports, 
now are sadly all too easily purchased on line or in specialist aquatic pet shops...... 

Any hoo, there appears to be a tolerant coexistence 
between the fishermen, turtles, ducks and visitors.
 They cause a talking point, visitors stop and chat and take photos.
All the while, these two bask on a bale of hay at the waters edge.
'Our turtles' are gaining wider fame, they have even been on the local news! 
You can see their 32 seconds of stardom HERE


  1. That's not a sight many people get to see when out for a walk.

  2. They should be in a suitable aquarian and not released into the wild where they might do a lot of damage to the other wildlife in the area. So sad to read about this.

  3. I agree that they should not be there but must admit they are rather handsome with those lovely stripes. I love the way they are always together. xx

    PS I watched their brief moment of fame on local news. Their pictures were not as good as yours. x

  4. I hope they don't do anything to naughty to the environment, because they're so cute and I'm glad they're getting to live outside in the fresh air and not in a tiny tank!


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