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Oh what a beautiful day #30DaysWild day 26

One of life's pleasures is visiting our 'local' Coronation Meadow - 
We try to go during June - July when the summer wild flowers are out.
Last year we went a bit later in the season when the taller flowers dominated,
this time there was a delightful display of smaller vibrantly coloured flowers.
I, like I did last time,
dawdled, photographed, 
stared and smiled (a lot)
at all the flowers.
When the fields are taken in a visual sweep -
they appear like a dimpled textured tapestry swaying in the breeze.
But, when I sat, eye height with the flowers,
I was the richer for seeing.
Bright spots of colour, clustered in swathes.
Insects were spoiled for choice.
Yarrow and meadow crane's bill swayed alongside greater burnett and knapweed.
Hawksweed, red clover, campion and yellow rattle,
buttercup, lady's mantle and field parsley
all grow in the wonderfully unimproved meadows. 
We lingered and wandered,
we photographed and watched,
we walked and we left happy.
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#30DaysWild - oh what a beautiful day


  1. It looks like a lovely place. Long may it exist. Back in the mid 1970s I happened to be walking through some fields next to the river in Kettlewell. I remember the rich mixture of wild flowers in those fields. Think I might have to persuade Belovedto take me to Slaidburn!

  2. How beautiful. There is a park near us which has wildflower bits, nothing as big as that.

  3. ♥ ♥ What a wonderful display of wild flowers. I can almost hear the bees buzzing. Once again, thank you for sharing your walk with us. xx ♥ ♥

  4. So pretty to see the meadow flowers in all their glory. You live in a very lovely part of the country I think.

  5. Your wild flower meadows are just so beautiful. We don't have anything to compare so thanks for the wonderful photos.

  6. Looking remarkably like our neglected lawn at the moment! x


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