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Lunch in the Wild #30dayswild day 19

On Saturday, 
a beautifully sunny Saturday, 
a gloriously blue skied, 
green hilled and lightly breezed Saturday - Eldest was writing exams.  

Writing five (yes FIVE) exams 
on this beautifully sunny, 
gloriously blue skied, 
green hilled and lightly breezed day.  

So Himself and I decided to rescue him 
and whisk him away for a picnic lunch in the Forest of Bowland
I am so very glad we did.

Sitting at the side of a babbling burn, sun warming the air and our skins, swallows screaming over head and sheep quietly grazing just out of arm's reach, we ate what we affectionately call 'fat-egg-sarnies', fruit, nuts, tomatoes and cheese while drinking most welcome flask mugs of tea.
Eldest and Moss spent most of the time in the water, while Himself and I sat and chatted. The sounds of nature filled the air, a pheasant raucously crowing, swallows screaming, chaffinch trilling, sparrows chirruping, the occasional vehicle in the distance, the bubbling music only water can make as it tumbles over rock.

It was not quite shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) but it was just as rejuvenating and exam stress relieving as you can get.  The wonder of wilderness. 

And if you were wondering (you might not of course) what on earth 'fat-egg-sarnies' are, they are sliced hard boiled eggs tucked into fresh baguettes with layers of bell peppers, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, cheese and basil pesto sauce topped with a pinch of salt and generous lashings of ground black pepper.  Freshly made on the bank of the river. Now that can't be bad :)

#30dayswild - what have you done to soothe your soul recently?


  1. Oooh that looks lovely. We were in The Forest of Bowland at the weekend. The sandwiches sound proper good. :)

  2. That's my type of lunch in a wonderful location. Thanks for sharing. We do like to visit The Forest of Bowland but he prefers to drive rather than walk and explore....


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