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Dipping my toe into wild water #30dayswild day 20

There is nothing quite as delicious 
(or refreshingly bone achingly cold) 
as bare feet in a moorland stream!

We were not the only ones to dip our toes 
- a pied wagtail watched us as we watched it.
Moss enjoyed the wild water too
 - only - 
she is far more enthusiastic than I am when it comes to cold water!

#30dayswild - how cold do your toes go ?


  1. what great pics. I would so love to be able to dip my toes during thsi current spell pf hot weather.

  2. Its lovely when you can waggle toes in the cold water on a very hot day

    Julie xxxx

  3. I think Moss is definitely braver than you - I bet that water was freezing! Xx

  4. You are brave to just dip a toe in that cold water and as for Moss....she's nuts!! xx

  5. Dip my toe into cold water??? My bare toe??? Never in a hundred years, no matter how hot other people say it is!!! But you were all having fun in the water so that is all that matters!


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