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Inspired by Rainbows #30DaysWild day 18

I was impressed by folk making rainbows from flowers in their garden.
So with my camera and a bit of computer wizardry.....

...here is my effort -

Plus a poem that I feel encompasses not just the rainbow but the flower too.
It also is a very timely one - reminding us to look after what we have 
before it is too late and we lose it.

Where the wildflowers are

Let's walk hand in hand
where the wildflowers are.

Let's draw flowers
on an old VolksWagen car.

Let's plant seeds next
to every road.

Let's decorate the pavement,
with a flowery quote.

Let's start tending the rainbow
on the ground.

Let's just do something, 
before there's no flower to be found.

#30DaysWil - have you planted any wildflower seeds?


  1. How very apt at the sad times which have befallen UK lately. Looking after everything & everybody should be a priority & the poem is lovely. Thanks Kate & take care.

  2. Beautiful poem.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Love the rainbow photo. Pity my camera does not capture true colours. I've not planted any wild flower seeds this year but have planted hundreds of other plants from my old garden. Does that count?


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