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We don't have a particularly large garden, but big enough for a pond, small potager, small chicken run and a green house (all joined together by lawn, flowerbeds and paths) but what we do have a lot of (although not all are ours...) is trees. Our garden itself has five indigenous deciduous trees and one large conifer that in its youth was a Christmas tree for a previous occupant.  They decided to plant it in the garden and it was obviously happy for now it is a HUGE tree.  Despite that, our trees don't really  take too much sun from our garden, but we are surrounded by loads more!

The birds love them.

There is always a constant stream of tweeting, twittering, chirping and cawing.
 I paint in an upstairs bedroom over looking the garden and my eye is constantly being caught by movement. I can watch Doves and Wood Pigeons gently competing for the same tree tops. I get to see Bullfinch and Chaffinch investigate the garden. Starlings nest in next door's roof space and I am able to watch the nest building, feeding and fledgling of the youngsters.
There is a pair of fiercely defensive Robins and an even braver Wren. There are comical Blackbirds, garrulous Magpies, the occasional glossy Rooks and if I am lucky a passing Kestrel.
We are under the 'flight path' of Crows and Mallards, Barnacle Geese and racing pigeons and at this time of year, we are delighted by the Swifts and Swallows that scream overhead.
We are visited by Sparrows (sadly far less often than we used to), have a resident Dunnock family while Blue Tits, Great Tits, Thrush and Green Finch regularly stop by and forage.  The garden seems to be in a constant state of busy-ness.
Which we love.

We do, have a small selection of 'non birds' who don't quite fit the description who also use our garden - they too are welcome.
It might not be a large garden, but an awful lot of creatures use it.

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  1. Slightly different garden but the same pleasures.

  2. I am so going to miss reading these every day, we too have lots of birds visit and the feeders need filling every day . Such a delight to see. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. I've just been reading through all that I'd missed whilst away. Wonderful photos and words and I'll comment on this one only. I'm guessing that you know I love birds and just adored this post. Thanks for such a great month so far. Take care.

  4. Lovely pictures of birds. We too have a lot and love feeding and watching robins, wrens, blackbirds and starlings. We have a regular visitor we have named Woody (or maybe it is Mrs Woody as we can't tell the difference). Lately he has become Hoppy as he sadly hurt is leg very badly. It has healed but is crooked and he limps but seems to get by. We are bothered by a large flock of Magpies, parents and three chicks, they are not welcome as they steal all the food. I know they have to eat too but they could feed at the farmers field over the road. By the way, what is our squirrel doing in your garden?

  5. A garden is such a happy place and specially with that great variety of birds! Looks like you got a hungry squirrel that is so darn cute !! I used to chase squirrels to take a photos of them, I learned not to do that.

  6. Trying to encourage more wildlife into our garden...bliss x

  7. Birds are another of nature's amazing creations. I just love watching them, especially at this time of year when all the youngsters visit the feeders, often begging a parent for food. One little Great Tit was ignored by its parent so it peevishly pecked at a nearby nettle leaf! Hilarious to watch.


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