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The scent of salty air #30DaysWild day 12

That salty air,
that tang,
you can taste
after a walk along the coast.
Is delicious.
 That light,
that clear blue light,
that only seems to be
near the sea.
Is beautiful.
That distant horizon,
that far away reach, 
 that only a coastal terrain can give.
Is cleansing.
Our walk, a couple of Friday evenings ago,
was sublime.
The gentle light,
glowing foliage,
foraging butterflies.
 Otherworldly welk egg cases,
discarded crab shells,
bleached seaweed.
And me.
Views, both near
and far.
Man made and natural -
all so magical during this evening walk.
Immersed in the view,
surrounded by nature,
listening to evening bird song,
watching the sun go down.

#30DaysWild  - Do you love walking by the sea?


  1. Such a relaxing post ,by the sea, you have interpreted it so well. x

  2. I walk every day weather permitting. Always refreshed and at peace. Even when windswept and damp.

  3. I love walking by the sea or any expanse of water it feeds my soul.

  4. I do envy you your interesting walks, thank you for sharing them. Photographs illustrate your ramble beautifully. xx

  5. Oh how I agree; walks by the sea-side (in its broadest sense) are wonderful. You never know what you will see and find.


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